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From Black Friday through Cyber Monday, take 68% off all Theme.Works plans, starting at just $25.28! Here are the details:

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Save 68% on the Unlimited Plan

Create an unlimited number of custom WordPress themes. Includes free hosting for one year.

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Create 10 custom WordPress themes. Includes free hosting for one year.

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Create three custom WordPress themes. Includes free hosting for one year.

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Deals Elsewhere

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Free Managed WordPress Hosting for 1 Year!

Theme.Works is the fastest and easiest way to build your own custom WordPress theme, and it just got even better.

Now when you sign up for Theme.Works, you can get free managed WordPress hosting for an entire year. Yep, you read that right: Free managed WordPress hosting for one year!

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting means that we essentially manage your WordPress website for you – no downloads, updates, or instructions to decode. We’ll handle all of the maintenance that goes into hosting your WordPress website, and we monitor every individual site on our platform to ensure that WordPress is running smoothly and securely.
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Get More Clients Part II: More Psychological Triggers to Convert Your Visitors Into Customers

For those of you just tuning in, we recently discussed the conversion power of psychological triggers – subtle, subconscious cues that elicit a human response – and how you can use them to get more clients from your website.

Let’s take a step back and consider external factors that you don’t have control over when it comes to selling a product or touting a service on the web. The level and span of attention you’re receiving, for example, is variable and unknown. If a potential customer is browsing your website and gets an important phone call, that disruption to the sales process is immeasurable. There are also online window shoppers who have no intention of ever buying anything from you; unfortunately they, too, are immeasurable.

All the analytics in the world can’t tell you what’s truly happening on the other side of the computer screen, and that’s why it’s important to use human psychology to create conversion express lanes. The psychological triggers mentioned in our previous post – simplicity, avoidance of pain, attainment of pleasure, curiosity and connection – are all equally powerful tools to employ when building a website for your personal brand or business. Use those as basic building blocks, and then move on to five more triggers that will click with your visitors and turn them into customers:

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Get More Clients: 5 Psychological Triggers to Convert Your Website Visitors Into Customers

In the digital age, your website is the motor to your business. It is the central mechanism used to identify, attract, inform and enlighten potential customers. And if all goes well through that process, a transaction takes place.

“If all goes well,” is such a powerless phrase, though, isn’t it? Especially in business. Surely the successes of top brands like Apple and Amazon weren’t built on the premise that “if all goes well, our products will sell.”

Then what’s the secret? Aside from offering immense value, these and other pioneers of modern consumption have mastered the art of conversion. Put simply, they know how to turn visitors into customers.

So how can you, the independent designer, marketer, photographer, artist or entrepreneur, utilize your website to get more clients? The answer is in the psychologies of web design and marketing, specifically in triggers. Nir Eyal, author of Hooked, defines triggers as cues that signal users to take action. All humans essentially have the same triggers, and you’d be surprised at how accessible these passive prompts are to tap into.

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The WordPress Customizer: Managing Your Website Just Got Easier

We are happy to announce that all theme configuration changes now happen inside the WordPress customizer. Check out this preview of the all-new slideshow options, including drag & drop sorting:

WordPress customizer
WordPress customizer

It’s been a long journey to this point. So, why should you care about this new feature? Here’s a personal story to illustrate how far we’ve come:

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Custom Social Media Links

Two days ago, I was helping to guide a customer through a few theme customization questions. He had what seemed to him to be a fairly simple request: Add a Tumblr and GitHub icon to his social media links included in his Theme.Works theme design.

“This should be simple,” he said.

I agreed, so I wrote a little plugin to make is super duper easy. Here is how you do it:

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