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    Choose from over 100 professionally designed headers, testimonials, slideshows, signup forms, etc. While other services require using shortcodes and options to achieve their advertised designs, we let you design first before downloading.
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    Designers: Get a 1,000 mile headstart on custom projects.
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    Easy to use and loaded with options, Theme.Works allowed us to build the beautiful custom website we always wanted but couldn't afford.

    It's like comparing a tailored suit to a suit bought off the rack.

    We've seen other "point and click" page builders for WordPress, but to my knowledge Theme.Works is the first one to offer this type of service where you choose the components and they deliver a completed theme. The service works well.

    About Theme.Works

    Our "design first" philosophy

    Unless you know code, themes can be difficult to create and customize. Theme.Works allows you to design your own custom WordPress theme up front, allowing you to achieve a totally custom design that is easy to use and lightweight. No bloat. No confusing options. Just your design.

    Our team

    Theme.Works was created by (from left) Thad Allender, Michael Bylov and Chandra Maharzan. In addition to Theme.Works, we run Graph Paper Press, which has provided quality theme designs to over a half million WordPress users since 2007.

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